What Makes Icetea Distinctive?
Painless UX

Blockchain apps are infamously known to introduce much friction to users. Icetea eliminates that.

Offchain Services

Comes with essential services that every non-trivial app need: DocuGuard, Decentralized Gate, and Icetea ID.


Built upon the battle-tested Tendermint engine, Icetea offers powerful solutions that enable apps to scale to millions.

For Developers

Developing on Icetea is almost as easy as regular NodeJS apps: reuse of NPM packages, advanced debugging techniques, and more.

What can you build on Icetea?
Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
Eliminating middlemen by using decentralized technology on decentralized infrastructure for instant fully-trusted financing.
Origin Tracing and Authenticity
It is now possible to trace down to the fundamental level of any raw original information, and ensure transparency that the final product is actually 'made of'.
Auction and Marketplace
Decentralization can solve issues inherent to traditional auctions and marketplaces with openness, transparency and interoperability, creating a much more trustful relationship between sellers and buyers.
Loyalty Program and Membership
With higher security, transparent data history, smoother user experiences and optional exchangeability, blockchain-based loyalty point and membership management systems now can full-fill the list of requirements to be ideal with lower cost.
Asset Digitization
Tokenizing real-world assets increases assets' liquidity, enables fractional ownership for more accessible and affordable investment and around-the-clock assets trading.
Blockchain technology in healthcare enables a world of difference for data management by making the exchange of medical data more efficient, secure, and transparent across the healthcare sector as a whole.
Blockchain is transforming gaming industry by providing better security for games, preventing illegal trading of virtual assets, and faster, safer and cheaper in-game payment processing.
Private Micro Network
A decentralized private network provides solutions to all the issues of the current social platforms in the form of privacy, censorship, and control over the content created.
Built on Icetea


An intimate place to store and cherish your meaningful memories. Safe, clutterless, and lasting. Keep to yourself or share with close friends.



Applying blockchain technology to create a new golf culture, nurture future athletes, and reshape the market. Now, the real fun of golf begins.



iTEE is a premium golf platform that helps connect golfers together and golfers with high quality golf courses around the world to bring the best golf experience for each player.


The Optimum Spa and Fitness Pass

FitGo is a platform uniting spa and fitness facilities and people to bring conveniences in locations and time in an unlimited manner.

Coming soon


The Energized Workplace

inRECT is a Blockchain based system in a conjunction of Employee Reward & Recognition Program and Smart Signature & Approval.

Coming soon

Bonsai Mania

Collectible Assets Just Get Gamified

A blockchain-based game of raising countless unique collectible Bonsai, generated by its own, with proof of ownership stored on Icetea blockchain, powered and operated by nifty, non-fungible tokens.

Coming soon



Smart and engaged minigame bot for SkyGarden restaurants, attracting customers in a new way. Game bonus is built right into the blockchain-based loyalty system.

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