How does Icetea
solve current problems of
dApp platforms?

Key Features

Unique UX-enabling Features

Enable frictionless dapps. Users almost cannot even notice those apps are blockchain-based.

Regular Account

Distinguishing between ‘bank account’ and ‘regular account’ to provide extra information and guarantee to applications and wallets, which enables developers to create a dApp as user-friendly as Twitter while enhancing security

External Payer

Allowing a dApp to pay transaction fees for its users, which make credit-card payment, free trial subscriptions, and in-dapp purchases possible.

Essential Services for Developers

IPFS & external data sources access, privacy-protected computation, and digital identity are at the click of a mouse.

Account Permissions

Flexible permission scheme covers frequently-used use cases like ‘forget password’ and ‘two-factor authentication’ as well as complex custom permissions

Asset Inheritance

No longer worried about the assets being lost after the owner dies. 3-step asset inheritance workflow empowers valid inheritors to access to an account after its owner was determined dead.

Privacy Computation

Protect user privacy by moving sensitive computation to the trusted execution environments (TEE) or a privacy-focused sidechain. Besides, data can also be encrypted by user and shared to selected users. No centralized entity can decrypt end-user data.

Decentralized Gate

Connect smart contracts with off-chain world, allowing 2-way interaction with external data sources, payment, storage, and computation services confidently in a decentralized manner.

Decentralized Chatbots

Allow users to chat directly to chatbots, a special type of smart contracts from within their wallets. Fun and easy to use. No server-setup required.

Naming System

Forget about complex addresses, users now can register aliases and using human-readable names to access all blockchain features.

Built-to-Scale Solutions

Innovative features, including transaction parallelization, Autonomous Area, and offchain computation, meet the needs of real-world scalable dapps.

Powerful Consensus Engine

Use of Tendermint, the exceptional consensus engine which also powers Cosmos Network and Binance Chain. In benchmarks of 64 nodes distributed across 7 data centers on 5 continents, it can process about 4000 TPS*

Parallel Transaction Execution

Increase the overall transactions processing speed within the main chain by grouping and dispatching blocks’ transactions to an execution pool to run in parallel.

Sidechain & Autonomous Area

Improve scalability by offloading workload to sidechains or using Autonomous Areas. An Autonomous Area is a special sidechain whose security and decentralization are taken care by the main chain.

Superior Developer Experience

Icetea offers NodeJS package reuse capacity and enhancing debugging experience so developers can write smart contracts comfortably in JavaScript or any Wasm-compatible languages.

Programming Language & Tools

Come with powerful IDE and tools which support writing smart contracts in JavaScript and any Wasm-compatible languages

Reusing Existing Libraries

Developers can reuse most of the existing NodeJS packages when making their dApps.

Enhanced Debugging

Support advanced debugging features like setting breakpoints, stepping in and out, watching variables, and performance profiling.

Embark on Icetea's Ecosystem

Take a deep dive into Icetea's Platform and start building your own decentralized apps

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