How does Icetea solve current problems of dApp platforms?
Key Features
Painless UX

Blockchain apps are infamously known to introduce much friction to users. Icetea eliminates that.

  • Account Types
    Distinguish between bank account and regular account, allowing apps to fine-tune the balance between security and convenience.
  • Access Token
    Use of expirable access token with limited permission instead of private key directly, making features like 'remember me' possible.
  • External Payer
    Allow app to pay transaction fee for its users, which enables free and freemium models, in-dapp-purchase, and credit card payment.
Offchain Services

Comes with essential services that every non-trivial app need.

  • DocuGuard
    A scalable decentralized document storage service with built-in support for data encryption.
  • Decentralized Gate
    Connect smart contracts with offchain world, including external data sources, payment services, storage services, trusted execution services.
  • Icetea ID
    Passwordless decentralized identity service, enabling seamless user onboarding experience.

Built upon the battle-tested Tendermint engine, Icetea offers powerful solutions that enable apps to scale to millions.

  • Powerful Consensus Engine
    Use of Tendermint, the exceptional consensus engine which also powers Cosmos Network and Binance Chain.
  • Parallel Transaction Execution
    Increase transaction processing capacity by smartly selecting transactions for executing in parallel.
  • Sidechain & Autonomous Area
    Improve scalability by offloading workload to sidechains or Autonomous Areas - a special sidechain whose security and decentralization are taken care by the mother chain.
Superior Developer Experience

Developing on Icetea is almost as easy as regular NodeJS apps: reuse of NPM packages, advanced debugging techniques, and more.

  • Programming Language & Tools
    Icetea Studio and other development tools let developers write smart contracts easily in JavaScript or Rust.
  • Reusing Existing Libraries
    Reuse existing NodeJS packages, including lodash and @hapi/joi.
  • Enhanced Debugging
    Support advanced debugging techniques like setting breakpoints, stepping in and out, watching variables, and performance profiling.
Embark on Icetea's Ecosystem

Take a deep dive into Icetea's Platform and start building your own decentralized apps

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