NodeJS Developer
Salary : Negotiable
1.Job description
Build and develop Icetea Platform’s core - a platform for developing decentralized applications on the Icetea Blockchain
Develop features on Icetea Platform
Build the backend part of some developing applications on Icetea Platform
Research, propose and develop new product features to suit trend and users' needs
Join the company's projects on building fintech, health tech, sports tech, social network,...
2.Job Requirement
Over 2-year experience working with NodeJS or equivalent qualifications
Be proactive, self-aware, fulfill what is committed at work.
Proactively searching, creating and discussing with the team to solve problems
Be able to work both in a team or independently
Competitive salary, at least 13-month salary
Salary is paid on time
Join the dynamic, young project team
Flexible working time
Co-create and develop products that have practical meaning to life
Cooperate with friendly, experienced and professional colleagues
Be proactive in proposing plans, deadlines, problem-solving methods,...
Receiving prescribed social insurance, health insurance, annual leaves and other benefits.
Feel free to apply even if you feel like you don’t fully match the description above. Please do apply by emailing us at and tell us about a challenge that you solved in your previous experiences.
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